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The Birth of Life’s Third Age and the Retirement of Retirement

Today there are more than one billion people over the age of 60 worldwide, thanks to steadily rising longevity and the aging of the massive global Baby Boom generation. Most 60-year-olds can expect to live another 20 years or more, and with impending breakthroughs in exponential and precision medicine, living to 100+ will soon become commonplace.

Presenters: Ken Dychtwald, Maddy Dychtwald, Dan Veto

Radical Curiosity – Five Key Lessons from a Seeker/Doer’s Life

From his working-class roots in New Jersey to the “tune in, turn on, drop out” cliffs of Big Sur and the pinnacles of the human potential movement; from launching his company Age Wave and achieving great successes and failures; from marrying his soulmate and raising two wonderful children to coming to terms with his own aging process, “age wave” guru Ken Dychtwald is now seeking to make sense of his first 70 years of life.

Presenter: Ken Dychtwald

The Rise of History’s Biggest Untapped Market – It’s Hiding in Plain Sight!

Men and women over 50 now make up 33% of the total U.S. population and 44% of the adult population but control more than 70% of total wealth. Due to the combination of rising longevity, declining fertility, and the aging of the Baby Boom generation, this group is now bigger than the entire market of most countries. As active and curious consumers, they are responsible for 53% of all food and grocery purchasing; 55% of all travel and leisure consumption; 56% of new car and truck purchasing; 68% of OTC drugs and 77% of all Rx drug consumption; and 78% of all retirement accounts. However, people 50+ only appear in 15% of advertisements and are disproportionately portrayed as old, sick, and homogenous.

Presenters: Ken Dychtwald, Maddy Dychtwald

The Future of Health, Medicine, and Aging in a Post-COVID World

Due to the combination of rising longevity, declining fertility, the aging of the massive global Baby Boom, and the impact of COVID-19, all dimensions of health and healthcare—as well as aging and longevity—are being transformed.

Presenter: Ken Dychtwald

COVID-19’s Impact on Our Lives: New Perspectives on Health, Family, Finances, Community, and Purpose From Five Generations

In this new presentation, created in the wake of the world-changing COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Ken Dychtwald will present a thought-provoking analysis of how different generations have been impacted in some very different ways. This presentation will explore a wide range of cutting-edge and highly acclaimed new Age Wave research.

Presenter: Ken Dychtwald

The Future of Retirement: New Timing, New Purpose, New Funding and New Planning Help Needed

With the convergence of rising longevity, the aging of the massive Boomer generation, and widespread financial insecurity stemming from the COVID pandemic, there is a greater need than ever for trusted, holistic financial guidance. Americans want financial professionals who seek to understand what matters most to them and their families and can help them achieve their goals.

Presenters: Ken Dychtwald, Maddy Dychtwald, Dan Veto

Alchemy of Travel: In Search of Peak Experiences

Amidst our high-tech, high-anxiety, and workaholic culture, there is an awakening appreciation for the immeasurable value of great times with friends and loved ones, the satisfaction of continued personal growth, and the excitement of encountering new people, places, and cultures. Fueled by COVID fatigue as well as the dual Boomer liberations of empty-nesting and retirement—and turbo-charged by Millennial FOMO—hundreds of millions of men and women worldwide are hoping to enjoy more “time affluence” than at any other point in history.

Presenter: Ken Dychtwald

Women & Financial Wellness: Beyond the Bottom Line

The growing financial power of women may be the most important demographic trend impacting financial services today. New generations of empowered women—bolstered by unprecedented levels of education, workforce participation, rising geopolitical power, and escalating income and wealth—are assuming increasingly influential roles in their own and their family’s financial management

Presenter: Maddy Dychtwald

Ageless Aging: How Longevity is Transforming Health, Wellness, and Aging Itself

The question of  how to live longer has fascinated us since the beginning of time. In the past century, we’ve seen skyrocketing life expectancy that has turned long life into a reality—radically transforming the demographic landscape and altering our concept of aging and longevity as well as health and lifelong wellness.

Presenter: Maddy Dychtwald

The New 50+ Woman: A Consumer Force to Be Reckoned With

50+ women as a consumer force have been hiding in plain sight, but that is about to change. Bolstered by unprecedented levels of education and workforce participation, escalating income and wealth, and rising longevity and vitality, they are fast becoming the most powerful and influential segment of the consumer marketplace.

Presenter: Maddy Dychtwald