Breakthroughs at the Tipping Point: The Future of Health, Medicine, Aging, and Longevity

Breakthroughs at the Tipping Point: The Future of Health, Medicine, Aging, and Longevity

By Ken Dychtwald

We are nearing a point where there will be well over a billion people in the world over the age of 60.

These individuals want to stay healthy, to look good and above all else, feel comfortable in their own skin. Unlike the generation prior to these Baby Boomers who were relatively stoic, this new wave wants their comforts to continue indefinitely. Essentially, they want to age agelessly and reasonably free of pain and aches to live the lifestyles they are aspiring to.

The time has come to envision healthy aging with innovative and breakthrough thinking in the fields of healthcare, medicine, and longevity. The world is ripe with opportunities to improve physical and mental quality in longevity — Where exactly are we headed? Will we be able to make the future a Shangri-la, the fictional valley where people don’t age, with longer and healthier lives and accessible and affordable care?

New health-related advancements facilitate the development of products and services that are framing a positive attitude towards a fruitful future in longer lived lives. There is a significant positive change taking place.

Matching Healthspan to Lifespan Successfully

The Baby Boomer generation comprises 81% of the population and are the largest age demographic with the greatest amount of wealth and a potential to live 20, 30, or more years. This phenomenon is creating a unique opportunity for innovation to seek a better match between healthspan and lifespan that did not exist previously.

The great news for businesses looking to improve the quality of lives of this population: Baby Boomers are willing to spend money to enjoy the benefits of healthier, more fulfilling, longer lives.

Many companies recognize the opportunity presented by the demands of this discerning group and are tackling the challenge of age and health with technological advancements, progressive ideas, and the mindset that older adults deserve to live their best lives. Some notable companies at the forefront of the age evolution include Google, Apple, and IBM.

A Sample of Breakthrough Innovations For Longevity

While health is the number one concern for older adults, and they seek to maintain their health and well-being, many who live longer can potentially face obstacles. From sleeplessness to potential falls, longevity does not come without its challenges.

Here is a brief look into a few innovations afforded to us by those opportunities:

  • Miniaturized hearing aids that live in the ear canal or are hidden behind the ear to be unnoticeable allows for discreet improvements in hearing
  • Biometric sensor technology to monitor health by detecting heart rate, energy exposure, and other health metrics creates a proactive way to stay healthy
  • Tai Chi exercises for older people helps with balance and decreases dangerous falls
  • Home modifications such as installing handrails and other equipment can combat dangerous falls
  • Medication software helps track necessary medication to avoid overdoses
  • Easy access transportation to appointments keeps an individual active efficiently, letting them leave their house
  • Marketing campaigns that focus on confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin destigmatizes aging and assimilates older generations with all aspects of society

We are at a tipping point. Previously, healthcare and medicine has taken a more reactive approach to aging and health issues. Today, companies and healthcare organizations are beginning to realize that the boomer generation wants a more proactive solution, searching for optimal health in their longevity rather than a life that might be riddled with unhealthy aging, pain, and discomfort.

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