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Trouble Ahead for Baby Boomers

By VIRGINIA ROHAN He may be the most sought-after prognosticator of baby boom trends, but it was only in hindsight that Ken Dychtwald recognized that his own 1950s childhood fit a pattern. “It would appear now, looking back, that so much of what I experienced had a lot in common with tens of millions of […]

VBG, Others Woo Older DVD Buyers

Forget the conventional wisdom that holds that DVD, and most entertainment for that matter, is consumed by young adults. With the eldest baby boomers now hitting 60, key DVD retailers and studios are looking for ways to better market to sexagenarians. During its annual retailer conference last year, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment passed out […]

Large and In Charge: As Baby Boomers Near the Traditional Retirement Age, Insurers are Changing Their Products and Marketing Messages to Meet this Generations Demanding Expectations

It’s not your grandfather’s generation, or even your father’s; theroughly 78 million baby boomers–those born between 1946 and 1964–are unlike any generation that’s come before them. They’re the first generation raised on TV advertising, and are quite used to being the main target of marketing ploys. And as this massive generation enters its golden years, […]

Retiring? Plan How to Spend Your Time

Take a sabbatical, wean yourself from work, maybe hire a coach to prepare for your new life. Clearly, one plan no longer fits everyone. Have you spent years of your working life dreaming of retirement, imagining that you will then get out of bed when you choose and do what you want, not what some […]

Marketing to Boomers: Boom or Bust?

In the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes,” there’s a scene where Kathy Bates’ character Evelyn yells at a young woman who cut her off and stole her parking space. The girl, thinking herself the victor, says, “Face it, lady: We’re younger and faster.” Evelyn then repeatedly rams her car into the back end of the girl’s […]